Using Cary 306 Pro as DAC for Oppo?

I have an Oppo BDP-95 and now also the Cary 306 Pro. I'm wondering if I should use Cary 306 Pro as Oppo's DAC or connect Oppo directly with RCA to the amp. I still will need to use Oppo as transport from time to time, therefore, in case you suggest to use Cary as the DAC which digital input is the best?
Cheers and thank you, Mike
I suggest that you just try them both. Make sure that you go into the Oppo steup menu and make sure the volume is set to variable and not fixed, and lower the volume all the way down before running it into the amp. I run the Oppo that way,( usually with the volume in the 70's in my system) , and it sound great. But please let me know how the Cary sounds compared to the Oppo on CD and SACD. I have had my eye on the Cary players. Thanks.
I use my 306 Pro almost exclusively as a DAC - USB out of my MacPro to a Sonicweld Diverter and then a Black Cat Digital into the CDP. While 306 Pro wins out as a redbook player, the digital files are nearly just as good. In fact,I cannot remember the last time I played a disc all the way through...In the end, I believe you will really enjoy the 306 as a DAC....