using hokey pucks for isolating speakers from the

I have a pair of gershmann RX 20,s and I would like to isolate them from the wood floor .
I was thinking if using hockey pucks as isolation device . They are thick very hard and very cheap.

I am however is not an acustics expert so I would like to know if anybody tried that method or have any opinions on a theoretical basis.

Any input is appreciated
Very entertaining....thanks for the humor! Some people here are just too serious, so its nice to hear from the Abby-normal ones! I had not thought of using the bible to support my speakers, just my opinions.
Seriously, anything that you put there will affect the sound in some way. You may like it, or you may not.

If you use some kind of product like hockey pucks, which are not engineered or designed for the purpose you use them for in audio systems, there is no telling what kind of results you might get. Could be great, could be terrible.

Many folks would likely recommend the use of items that are made to do what you are trying to do. Alot of the result will also be system dependent, and listener taste dependent.

Local damping and vibrational energy transfer are the two main schools of thought in this area. Look into both, and see what you think might be best for you.
What the puck?LOL..How about the difference in wood used?Say mertle vs. maple?
Take a look at Herbie's Big Fat Black Dots, down the page a bit here. I haven't tried them but they look promising and not too pricey. He has other sizes, also.