Using I2S With the Denafrips Terminator and Metrum Ambre?

Hello All,

I recently got the Metrum Ambre to connect via I2S to my Denafrips Terminator Dac. I tried both ethernet type I2S inputs, even trying the mode button with no luck. Has anyone out there have the same situation and gotten the two to play nice together? Maybe the cable has to be modified.  I tried reaching out to Metrum and no response after 4 days.
Hi Ron,

i2s pin out, voltage level and protocol have to be matched in order for the two devices to work together. 

In the market now there are two type of i2s:

1. LVDS over HDMI i2s
2. LVCMOS over RJ45

If Metrum get back to you on the RJ45 pinout, you may try to customs made a RJ45 cable in short length (less than 15cm if possble) to match the RJ45 i2s-c of the Terminator DAC.

Hope it helps!

Alvin @ Vinshine Audio 
thanks  alvin! I started looking into it more. It looks like if I use the I2S "C" input and swap 3 wires, it will match the ambre. I just ordered an ethernet breakout board from amazon to test. if it works I will have a custom 12" cable made.
Anyone know who would make a custom RJ45 Ethernet cable for I2S for a reasonable price?
@alvin1118 What are some options to stream from a computer to a DT using the I2S input?
I have the Ambre working with the terminator. Using a breakout board, I tested it and worked like a charm, then I made a cable and it also worked fine. If anyone wants the pin swaps I will post next week as I'm on vacation and dont remember the exact pin swaps.