using M-L Aerius as center speaker

I have an all M-L hometheater setup with the Logos as my center channel. I recently reassembled the system and was bothered by resonating in the Logos speaker. I'm thinking of purchasing a used pair of Aeriusi to use as my center and rear middle channels which I believe would handle better more powerful sounds found in movies yet handle conversations as well as the Logos. My front left and right speakers are M-L CLSIIz. Any comments on that or someone already doing the above?
Er, how do you keep the Aerius out of the path of viewing??
I use mine for surrounds and they are bit too big for normal center channel configurations. BTW, my setup is Ascents in front, Cinema center and Aerius as surrounds. Really nice.

Having a hard time seeing how you could place them unobtrusively in a front center. Pleae clarify.
Adamanteus what type of speaker cable are you using? I have ascent front ,theater center,aeon surround,I'm also using B&K amp,but I was looking for a good cable, right now I have a DH labs Q-10 ,but I feel that the back ground noise is too loud,or during some movies passage sometime you can hear the shhhh thru the speakers.somebody told me that maybe my amp,wish I don't think is the problem.


I use Monster (8 ga) for the fronts - which are biwired- and Signature "Signaflex" for center and surrounds (12 ga). No one has yet been able to sell me on all these mystical qualities that obscenely prices speaker cables are supposed to impart. Here I side more with the EEs than the audiophiles. YMMV.

BTW, these cables are doing a very fine job and I'm not sure that spending any more would yield much more benefit. Thing to keep in mind with speaker cables is the shorter the signal path the better, all the while mindful of keeping impedance as low as possible.

Regards. Hope this helps a little.

Do they sell this cables as a made set? or you made it yourself? and the rear as well?

Just find a Monster dealer and order the total length you need. You can biwire if that strikes your fancy, or let the dealer do it for you (a little soldering involved and if you're not handy with an iron, better let the dealer do it.)

The Signature stuff is usally available at high-end shops (think it goes for around 70cents/foot. Again, order the length you need, cut if for the three runs you're going to make, and connect accordingly. Drop me a line if you need more help.