Using McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe as Mono Amps

Would anyone be able to provide advice whether it is okay to use two DNA-0.5 Deluxe amps each as a mono amp on a system? I have a TLC-1 preamp.

If it is okay to do, how do you set each DNA-0.5 as right and left channels?

How much power would each DNA-0.5 put out?
Thanks for the reassurance of your explanation. Will be trying passive vertical bi-amping with two Bryston 4B SST's and KEF 207's. Hoping the only fireworks are sonic!
I just did a horizontal bi-amping and was amazed as how good it sounds. My bi-amp-able speakers have high crossover at 3.5KHz. So I wasn't expecting much improvement on the bass/mid side but it improved dramatically, which I don't quite understand. Bass is louder, lower, and clearer than before. Vertical bi-amp does have the advantage of coherence and possibly shorter speaker cables. However, horizontal bi-amping, if done right, has the advantage that, inside the power amps, the high current of bass/mid cannot affect the delicate current of the highs, which I noticed a dramatic improvement. Anyone can enlighten as to why the bass/mid improved will be appreciated.
Anthing new or different now that 9 years have passed. I’ve got/had Revel studio 2, salon 2, B&W 802D3, and many amps ML 534, MC275 pair, MC601 pair- would anyone suggest some sort of biamp with all this type of gear or just use one set of amps at a time?