Using Melco as a Roon Endpoint

Does anyone have personal first hand experience using a Melco as a Roon endpoint?

I have a Melco N1A (the original Mark 1 version) that I use as my NAS.
I have a Roon Nucleus with an Sbooster LPS connected to the Melco player port functioning as a Server/Streamer.  DAC is a Chord Qutest connected to Roon Nucleus via USB.
The Melco is connected to an English 8 Network Switch.

I am debating whether it is worth it for me to upgrade my Melco N1A to an EX such that it would function as a Roon endpoint. Cost to do the upgrade would be $600 plus shipping.

Please refrain from commenting if you do not have personal experience utilizing Melco as a Roon endpoint.
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I have the Melco N 100, which I love, but I don't use Roon.  There is a Melco user forum on Facebook and there seem to be many happy Roon users on it, so I suggest you join that and query the users

Hi! Sorry really late response.

but just sent my melco N1a to Luxman America for replacing hard discs and I did the upgrade.  Connecting my Roon nucleus via the usb dac controller was easy .  
works great connected to my moon 390 Dac.  
sound is still clearly better than using the Roon internal memory (a Samsung ssd)

happy to give more advice but I think the upgrade works good and does just what I wanted!



So having upgraded your N1A to an EX, are you now using it as a Roon streamer, i.e. with the Melco connected via USB to your DAC.   

My question then, is the sound quality better than using the Roon Nucleus as a server/streamer connected to your DAC, while using the Melco as your NAS? 

Hi! Well I only started doing the comparison last night.

it’s pretty easy to do as you can go back and forth with versions on the nelco cs the nucleus internal storage.  My feeling is almost every track was better on the melco with either 16 or 24 but material.  Some caveats:

-i have not compared the SQ of melco files through the nucleus vs using the melco Music app (only on iPad).  I have read and think that the melco only might sound a wee bit better.  But of course the melco ap is bare bones.

-i was listening to the nucleus files while on USB so not sure it wasn’t routing those files through the melco which complicated the SQ.

-Confirmation bias:  I just spent 500 dollars for the upgrade (it was a little cheaper as I was paying to have bad disc drives replaced.


anyway I have always found files stored on the melco to sound  superior . The nucleus with a quiet SSD does sound good especially if you connect it to your dac via a hood USB cable .   But no matter how expensive the  cable Ethernet or USB I prefer the Melco.  And the upgraded N1a iS a bargain now considering its large capacity (mine is now 6 tb with two new 3 tb drives). 

im loving having the nucleus control the melco.  Best of both worlds!

PS I do find all sounds better through the USB connection to your DAC.  With the current set up I can trade in my 800 dollar audioquest éthernet cable!