Using my McIntosh MX-114 as a tuner only with my MA-6200

I would like to connect my MX-114 tuner output into my MA-6200. How would I do this? Which output on the MX-114 would I use for the tuner input on my MA6200? I would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Jim Walton
Columbus, Ga.
From a sonic standpoint the best way is most likely connecting the tape outputs (left & right) of the MX-114 to the tuner inputs (left and right) of the MA-6200.

It would also be possible to connect the main outputs of the MX-114 to the tuner inputs of the MA-6200, but that would insert a lot of unnecessary circuitry into the signal path, including the volume control, balance control, and tone controls of the MX-114.

-- Al