using non-hdmi home theater system with blue ray

I have a nice McIntosh multi-channel receiver and amp setup, but it is not HDMI ready. Can I simply use it for the audio portion of my home theater and run the HDMI directly from the blue ray player to my tv? Picture from blue ray; sound from McIntosh. Any problems with that configuration?

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It will work but depends on the audio input/processing of the Mac and the output capabilities of the player.

If your Mac has a multichannel analog input (5.1 via 6 RCA analog inputs), get a player that has the comparable outputs (like one of the Oppos), then you can get the HD audio that way while the HDMI video goes to the TV.

If not, you will be forced to use the S/PDIF digital audio link and that will preclude getting HD audio, although you can get multichannel.

The only possible crimp, and this is unpredictable, is that there may be a lack of exact synch between audio and video.

In fact, you may be getting a better picture with this configuration than those who run HDMI through an AVR first and then to the TV.

I have not had sync issues, but most AVR's enable you to correct sync anyway. (Assume a Mac multi-channel set up would also.)
You wont notice any benefit or degradation in quality by going or not going through a processor. If your monitor is under 60 or even 80in 1080p wont matter anyway so you could just go 720p via comp video cables. You will miss the at times benefit if latest audio formats but again thats no deal breaker.
Try it. The only problem that may occur would be the sync (AKA lip sync) like mentioned above. Plus it would keep the full resolution of your TV also.

Also FWIW, if you have a 32" TV, you could see the 1080P picture difference at a 4 foot distance. So why degrade it?