using non-hdmi home theater system with blue ray

I have a nice McIntosh multi-channel receiver and amp setup, but it is not HDMI ready. Can I simply use it for the audio portion of my home theater and run the HDMI directly from the blue ray player to my tv? Picture from blue ray; sound from McIntosh. Any problems with that configuration?

thanks in advance,

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This is exactly what I'm doing. Oppo BDP-95 via 7.1 to my Krell HTS7.1 and via HDMI to my Pioneer FPJ-1. Oustanding picture and sound. Really have no reason to upgrade
I had to do something very simalar recently. I bought a Panasonic ST30 Plasma and ran the Audioquest HDMI from the HDCable box to the tv just for video and ran the audio from the analog rca outs of the cable box into my Linn Integrated amp.

The picture is beautiful and the sound is awesome with no lip sync issues at all. I guess I got lucky here as my Linn has no time delay to adjust for any lip sync problems.

I wish you the best of luck as well!