Using PA Speakers In A Home "Audiophile" Application!

Hi guys,

I am a bit inspired to explore/trial usage of a pair of PA speakers at home after i attended a live event recently. 

I looked at some Yamaha PA models and zoomed in on one that isn't too huge/heavy, relatively easy to move around perhaps. 

Are there any audiophiles here who had relative satisfaction trying such speakers at home? I am also thinking that this may not be a great idea, but, just curious at the moment.



Late to the party here but can add this… 

I recently built a pair of horn based, coaxial floor standers using Radian (pro) drivers. These (and similar) have been used to great success by Live Act Audio, Daniel Hertz, Coherent Audio, Spatial Audio and others, in various sizes, boxes, open baffle, on and on…you get the picture. With proper “Home Audio, audiophile” crossovers and proper enclosures, the Prototypes I made allowed me to break free from 40 years of Panel speakers. (I had Quad 63, Martin Logan ESL and Eminent Technology LFT 8 all at the same time until this past year and have sold them all on CAM). The experimental (first) pair I built are so good that I may not commit to the Ultimate Version I had planned. I now enjoy All the detail and imaging but with real Dynamic Range!

Try the Pro Audio stuff but take the above advice of others here and be aware of Pro Crossovers and enclosures, as they both are not suitable for home use.

Enjoy the experience of trying Something Completely Different 

@deep_333 wrote:

Could you suggest an "audiophile grade" active crossover?

Like poster @kckrs suggested, the Xilica XP-series is very good - I use the XP-3060 model myself. There’s also the Danville Signal dspNexux 2/8, which has received some positive feedback. More on the Danville at this Audiogon thread.

DEQX seems to be at the top of DSP/DAC units, albeit more pricey. Maybe poster @mijostyn can elaborate more on them.


@phusis ​​@kckrs

Can I get away without a active crossover and just ’passive biamping’ on this speaker, i.e, four channels of amplification--> 2 full range stereo/L/R channels going to the 2 big woofers and 2 fullrange stereo/L/R channels going to both midrange/tweeter combos.

If I didn’t have to buy anything/make do with existing equipment...

Schiit Tyr mono 1 ---> Left woofer

Schiit Tyr mono 2 ---> Right woofer

Jungson JA99 class A or Yamaha M5000--> left mid/tweeter, right mid/tweeter...if either one of them feels like the noise floor isn’t low enough, replace/try out the Benchmark AHB2 (supposedly miracle noisefloor) is the current plan. The Benchmark amp would be additional expense and would like to avoid, if possible.

Preamp.: Yamaha C5000

Source: Technics SLG700 (sacd+streamer)

Subwoofers: Rythmik F12G

Other thoughts: I could pop out the drivers and add copious amounts of the no-rez material from Danny Ritchie inside the cabinet, if needed.

I was hoping I could stay "relatively purist" on this rig and not go to town with dsp/processors.