Using Qobuz with Bluesound 2i

Hi all.  I hope this is my ignorance at play but i just got Qobuz to check out as an alternative to Spotify since they do not offer cd quality streaming.  My system is an ipad as the controller for Bluesound 2i with with Modi multibit dac to Don Sachs preamp to Bob Latino St 120 amp to Kef 105 speakers.   I quickly discovered that Qobuz works through airplay and does not have its own Connect app like Spotify-so no hi res files will work and that I do not have access to all of my personal playlists.  Also the volume control in Airplay on the ipad does not seem to work so i have to manually adjust the volume on the Bluesound which defeats the purpose of using an ipad as a remote controller. Would I be better off switching to Tidal which has its own Connect app or is there something i am doing wrong connecting to Qobuz?



@rhljazz -Thanks!  I re-signed in and now it works fine and Inow have access to my playlists. I initially signed in to Qobuz when I added it to Bluesound but something must not have gone right the first time.   Thanks for the quick fix.  

The great thing about Qobuz is you can use it on your Node , your phone, your PC.  

@oddiofyl  Now that I have been able to sign in properly on my Node, I can clearly hear the benefits of Qobuz.  Have waited in vain for years for Spotify to add cd quality.  Soundiiz has successfully converted all my playlists to Qobuz which made the transition painless.

Congratulations. One of the best benefits of Qobuz is the half million high Rez albums as well.