Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?

It was actually my second "real" system...but it is simply historic how many people that love great audio systems and the music they allowed us to enjoy started or at one time owned the original Large Advents.  If there is to be a list of the most influential audio products of all time, the Large Advent would be at or near the top.  I guess another interesting question would be how many sets of these Large Advents are still in use.  My brother in law and my sister still have a set of Small Advents in use in their den. 
Advents were very popular in college.  My first speakers were Polk Audio 7 that sat on a stand like a Heresy.  Also had a Sony V fet amp which i blew up and got scolded by the dealer.  Used a Pioneer turntable.  Also remember my audio dealer had a pair of Magnaplaner Timpani 3 driven by Big Audio Research tube amp.  Still remember that sound.

best friend had the large advent and i had JBL L65 jubal . mine were more fun to listen too. cables were garbage. first cable was the famous monster M1000 purchased around 1982 along w a CJ PV5. fun time
Large Advents were my first speakers in 1979.  They are now the front speakers in my family room surround system.
In maybe 1970 or something I bought a KLH Model 20 compact system that sounded better than pretty much anything anybody else I knew owned, other than AR3s and Advents that sounded similar. All great speakers in their day.