Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?

It was actually my second "real" system...but it is simply historic how many people that love great audio systems and the music they allowed us to enjoy started or at one time owned the original Large Advents.  If there is to be a list of the most influential audio products of all time, the Large Advent would be at or near the top.  I guess another interesting question would be how many sets of these Large Advents are still in use.  My brother in law and my sister still have a set of Small Advents in use in their den. 
I did, these were first real speakers sadly I lost them in transit when I moved for a job from New Jersey to London .U.K in the 70 ‘ 
Wow, that brings back memories!  Just got my commission in the Air Force and started my first assignment at Kelly AFB.  I went to a “Christmas In July”sale at the BX and there they were in glorious pecan.  My first good speakers.   Had them for many years until I moved overseas and faced a weight limit...
DQ10s were my first 

Double Advent stack were my second

Followed by Fuselier Model 3

All 3 highly enjoyable.

There have been many more since then, and I mean many.

Currently a pair of ATC SCM19v2. Excellent!

Yes indeed Large  Advents (utility cabinets) were my first real speakers.   Kept them for about 15 years!     
Indeed with Dual 1209 Turntable Shure M91E cart and Kenwood integrated amp replaced by Crown IC150 & D150 then 300A which brought them alive-Double Large Advents next then heard Magneplanar T-1A and made the switch to Manepan and never looked back-own MG 3.7i now with AVA electronics-thanks to The Stereo Shop in Iowa City, IA and Richard an astute gent there who i miss to this day.   Moved to Custom Electronics in Omaha...The Absolute Sound so it goes. At 69 still deep as can be into tunes...