VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?

Nothing too formal, just get togethers for chewing the audio fat and listening to some tunes (while consuming your favorite beverage).

All interested reply here or by email.

Give me a week and I'm in. I am moving back from Mass where I spent the last 6 months. My system is basic and simple but would love to listen to others and to have your inputs on setting my room up.
I am into HT mostly. However, I used to own a PS Audio DAC/Rotel CD combo and a tube preamp 10 years ago. I have had my current system for many years.

Acurus ACT-3
3 Rotel Amps
Sony 6-Disc Changer
Klipsch Sub
Vandersteen 2Ce Fronts and VCC-1 Center
M&K rears

I am looking to "downgrade" to a quality AV receiver to minimize the interconnect nightmare.
HT is cool. are you going to have a 2 channel setup? I just got a Rotel cdp and a Linn pre amp. I have an old sony ES changer that I just had serviced for a second system. My HT is weak, Phillips kit and Phillips 32 inch tv.
FYI First meeting scheduled here in Hampton Roads Feb. 8, 2007 with 4 guys to start.
So what happened to the Virginia Audio Group?
Any of you folks in the Lynchburg/Roanoke area?