VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?

Nothing too formal, just get togethers for chewing the audio fat and listening to some tunes (while consuming your favorite beverage).

All interested reply here or by email.

HT is cool. are you going to have a 2 channel setup? I just got a Rotel cdp and a Linn pre amp. I have an old sony ES changer that I just had serviced for a second system. My HT is weak, Phillips kit and Phillips 32 inch tv.
FYI First meeting scheduled here in Hampton Roads Feb. 8, 2007 with 4 guys to start.
So what happened to the Virginia Audio Group?
Any of you folks in the Lynchburg/Roanoke area?
I did not see your reply, sorry.
It would seem that we have slim pickin's here.
I am in Bedford county, just about midpoint between Roanoke and Lynchburg.
I would love to meet a few people interested in experimenting a bit. The flea power concept interests me greatly, as it is heavily DIY and the speaker designs are a tinkerers delight.

I wish there was a group within a couple hours drive that could meet for a "weekly recording listen." The lack of record retailers is depressing and audio people must unite to find the new and interesting music!