VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?

Nothing too formal, just get togethers for chewing the audio fat and listening to some tunes (while consuming your favorite beverage).

All interested reply here or by email.

Anyone near Roanoke that can help set up new cartridge on Thorens. Never done it. Have instructions and shure gauge, but nothing beats experience.
Check out the Capital Audiofest 2011 updates. Hope to see you there.
Still 35 minutes from Roanoke and 20 minutes from downtown Lynchburg.
Sure would like to link up with others.
Norfolk is a bit far, but even that now and then would be fun.

email me at

I am in Lynchburg. Although we have nothing formal, there are a few of us around here. Love to meet you and listen sometime.

Just to let you know there is a great club in the DC area named DCDIY and made a great showing at the Capital Audiofest last event. Sounds like they plan to have a room again this year.