VAC 160i, any experiences

Need opinions.

I am considering going back to a full function intergrated to use with my wilson sofias and was wondering if anyone has heard the VAC 160i. It has all the features that i am looking for, but not too sure how it will mate with the speakers.

My Avalon Ascendants are are quite efficient at 89db and my Vac 160i drives them very well.
I think the VAC tube amps act like they have a lot more power/current than
their ratings indicate. My VAC 300.1a amp has roughly 150 wpc into 4 ohms,
but punches almost as strong as my 600 wpc into 4 ohm Conrad Johnson
Premier 350 SS amp.
Has anyone compared the 160i to previous VAC integrated amps? I have an Avatar that I like, and the i60i would mean losing triode mode and going from EL34 tubes to KT88's. A step up?
Maineiac- did you end up keeping Vac or going Shindo? What were the differences betweenthe two?
Hi - wondering if anyone can shed some light on whether this integrated would work well with speakers at a 4 ohm load, biwire, and anywhere from 87db on up? Just wondering what kinds of speakers one is limited to with this.