Vac 200 IQ vs Ayon orthosII

My amp died and now I get to upgrade.  Looking at the Vac 200IQ which is made locally in Florida vs the Ayon orthos II.  Both seem to be popular and well respected companies.  I will have a chance to audition the Vac in Sarasota, but not the Ayons.  Any thoughts?
Compared to all other tube amps, I found the VAC 200 IQ to be the most balanced and have exceptional realism and punch when needed.  It may be that tubes are not your thing - especially if you're looking for a tighter and more pronounced bass, which is the hallmark of great solid state.  The other sonic qualities, I feel the VAC gives you and then some.  Trying different speaker taps on the back of the VAC (don't go by speaker specs but by trial and error) and rolling the KT150s are all good suggestions.  If the VAC doesn't then give you that bass punch you are looking for, I would definitely go solid state.  Don't think any other tube amp will give it to imho.  Keep us posted!
HEY ortho --

I'm curious about how your amp died. Mine likewise, the wonderful VAC  Phi 300.1a - suddenly two tubes refused to bias, and the blue light wouldn't extinguish while their plates started to glow orange.  I'm hoping it can be repaired.

The VAC Phi 200 had the best bass and ability to handle dynamic swings better than any tube amp I've previously owned.  They can be had for around $5K or less and are a tremendous value.

  I think it was just old and tired.  It was an old McInosh Mc 2002 which I kept on at all times.  Came home and heard an awful buzzing sound.  I wasn't sure what component was causing the racket until I hit the power button and everything was silent.  Hit power again and blew the fuse in my PS 10.  I'm a little bit wiser now. I'm sure Kevin will have a fix for your amp though.  VAC seems to be an awesome company from what I can tell.
Thanks for the encouragement fischer.  I talked with the dealer and we will roll the kt 150s in 2 weeks.  Thanks for reminding me to experiment with the taps as well. I'm really interested to hear the difference the new tubes will make to the sound.  You might be right though.  I tend to listen to music with a large dynamic range and ss may be the ticket.  Not ready to concede yet though! Charles has mentioned increasing NFB for the SS.  I don't know how to do this, but the dealer who is quite knowledgeable should. Thanks for the tip