Vac 200 IQ vs Ayon orthosII

My amp died and now I get to upgrade.  Looking at the Vac 200IQ which is made locally in Florida vs the Ayon orthos II.  Both seem to be popular and well respected companies.  I will have a chance to audition the Vac in Sarasota, but not the Ayons.  Any thoughts?
Today I compared the VAC 200iq with the kt 150's and the Pass x350.8.  The Kt 150s are a HUGE game changer compared with the Kt88s.  Bigger everything in a good way.  More punch with crazy good mids and excellent imaging.  The Pass had a definite advantage in the lows, but not a large one. The Pass was a little "harder" in the mids than the VAC.  We were listening with a VAC tube preamp and Magicos using the 2-4 ohm tab.  Will return shortly to compare the same set up with Focal sopra 3s.  A tough choice so far, but the VAC with the kt150's seems to have a slight edge on the Pass.  To address Al's question, my current speakers are my 20 yr old B&W bookshelf series which will be replaced when we sell our current house.  God only knows when that will happen. So I guess I'm auditioning speakers somewhat as well at this time, although my budget only allows for an amp at this time.
 Interesting… Because Kevin at VAC told me on the phone that he had tried the KT 150s and he strongly preferred the KT 88's. Has anyone else done a comparison between these two output tubes? If so, what were your findings? 
Glad to hear your findings improved with the KT150s.  Keep us posted - I sadly have to part with my VAC due to personal finances.  It is truly a stunner - aesthetically and sonically.  At 100+ watts, I can't imagine a speaker that it cannot drive well.  Definitely seems like you're looking for the bass - the VAC plus the 150s will definitely give whatever you would need IMHO, plus a more beautiful midrange.    The other thing to consider is changing out the stock quad of the 6SN7 Tung Sol driver tubes to NOS tubes - some NOS Sylvania 6sn7 would show a much bigger improvement in bass and other characteristics than the KT88s to KT150s.   The 6sn7's are more sensitive to changes.  The opportunities are endless with the VAC and can fine tune it to your liking, as opposed to the PASS Labs.  Though PASS is still an excellent performer, not as flexible as the VAC.
Another option is the beautiful Aesthetix Atlas. They are hybrid. They may give you the extra punch with a beautiful midrange. They are NOT space heaters like some other Class A designs.

In response to Peter, I believe the discrepancy between the KT 88s and the KT 150s is likely related to musical style preference.  My understanding is the Kevin listens mostly to softer musical pieces which may favor the KT88s.  My taste is more toward more dynamic pieces, leaning heavily on Jazz fusion, rock, and blues.  The really amazing thing is the chameleon-like properties the VAC displays with these different tubes.