How would you describe their sound signature in general terms with some details? Anyone compared comparable models?
I am just interested, not going to have to choose anytime soon. I heard LAMM quite some time ago and probably not their best; very much liked the sound. Never heard VAC.
VAC is untouchable in its mids and highs. I have a 300.1a and the detail retrieval, refinement, and smooth nature of the mids/highs is best I've heard. The lower registers are there, just not very pronounced. Very deliberate and tight as can be, but gives the overall sound a tipped up presence unless your speakers are darker/bass heavy. I am only running one 300.1a on 89db speakers with nominal impedance of 6ohms but big swings to 3.7 ohms. The clean, smooth, clear highs and mids, with tube magic on imaging/dimension, is addictive.
Both are great manufactures.

That being said what Kur tank wrote;

"Vocals are just incredible with the VAC! The treble response is even more refined than the Lamm is, (which I thought was impossible, as the Lamm had beaten all comers up until the VAC came along).

I fully agree with this statement and would like to add there are further improvements using two in mono block configuration, will improve the bass and dynamics.

I own MBL 101E's and it's been a long journey trying this and that, once I heard the VAC's Statement 450 mono blocks paired up with their Sig. MK2a pre-amp well it's most defiantly a exspearience that I'm very fortuante to have had and heard which I now own and has gotten me off the merry-go-round.

I have never exsperienced hearing anything like this, not even close.

You can refer to VAC's web site for a more detailed description of such but really it's so dramatic just leaving you with a smiling exsperience.

If you were after a stereo only pce I would want to hear the Statement 450S stereo.