VAC Preamplifiers

I am very interested in VAC preamplifiers to replace my GamuT D3i. I am wondering how much better the upper tier VAC preamplifiers are than the VAC Renaissance mkV with phono. Perhaps VAC owners can assist me....topology appears near identical throughout the line, so it must relate to parts quality and power supplies. Thank you!
Yes; I purchased a VAC Renaissance mkV with phono. It is wonderful driving my GamuT D200i, adding a more natural tonality to the midrange than my D3i. It loses nothing in speed or accuracy to the D3i and has a great MM/MC phono stage. The D3i is a fine preamplifier which I’ll keep as a worthy backup. Thanks to all respondents!
Congratulations. I have the Renaissance V with phono driving my Ayre VX5/20 with very pleasing results. I started many years ago with the VAC Standard LE preamp, then the Renaissance 3 and now the V. All were excellent in their price range and my experience with VAC factory support when needed has always been a step above my expectations. If you reach out to Kevin Hayes he will personally welcome you to the family...

As REN V owner I also would like to say that its indeed an unbelievable pre. 

But alot of people asking/fiving opinions online regarding preamp online don't seems to understand that its also about component matching. 

I have several pair of speakers at home, one I'm currently using is Klipsch Forte IV. Being horn system there is no need tp question the speed/PRAT of it, so upstream I can use something alittle toward warming side. Not slow (don't know what some people meant VAC is slow), juat a rag warm.

Now if I'm running some 83db giants 5-ways dynamic speakers, I'd prob need something else (SS or ARC ref) to make it toward neutral. 

Also, people do not understand the difference between a transformer coupled preamp (like VAC) vs capacitors coupled preamp (ARC). Diff pros and con. I myself would do transformer-coupled all day everyday.