VAC Renaissance Pre-amp owners - Help

Just got my VAC Renaissance Signature MK II back from VAC. Have it all hooked up but no sound from any on the inputs including the phono. I ruled out the interconnects and the amplifier. Has to be something stupid like a switch. I'm using all RCAs and all the switches are set to SE. The output has two sets and I tried using both but nothing.

All the light are on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.
No. I actually opened it up and the 8416 tubes are not on. I swapped them out with another set but they are not turning on either. I have a feeling that's the reason.
Have you checked the source/Tape knob. you may have acciedntly moved it to tape mode. make sure it is in source mode and the unit is lit all blue.

Just call Kevin or Brent at VAC and they will be able to get you going immediately.