VAC Sig or Zanden 3100

We're down to two on our quest for a tube pre to compliment our Merrill Veritas monos.  Has anyone had experience directly comparing the VAC Signature MKIIa with the Zanden 3100?  Currently auditioning the Zanden in our system and very impressed.  Will try to arrange the same with the VAC if possible.  Thank you for your thoughts.  

I’m not a fan of class D amps...even Devialet. If you’re looking for a combination of high power handling & tube-like qualities, I would consider a different tack and look at some of the high end integrated amps on offer. At the top of my list would be the Vitus SIA-025, Pass INT-250 and Gryphon Diablo 300 (in that order). Vac are also preparing to release a new 160i integrated with IQ technology soon which could be an interesting option if your speakers aren’t horribly inefficient.

Be aware VAC Signature MKIIa SE is a HUGE improvement in SQ over VAC Signature MKIIa.   I had mine upgraded and couldn't believe the improvements.  GL!
Kevin has recommended the SE upgrade whole-heartedly!  I wish we could afford, but slightly out of our budget.  Perhaps if we went this route, we could consider a future upgrade.