Vac Sigma 170i Integrated

I've been reading great comments on this tube integrated amp. Anyone here own or heard one? I'd appreciate any comments if you have. I'll get a chance to audition one next month.
Give a list to the Audio Hungary I-20 and I-50 intergrated amps ! I heard the i-20 very nice tone strong 20 watts .If you do not want to spend the big $$$ . Call mark at Well Please Audio ,  Very nice person who will guide to dealer . I heard the i-20 its on my list to buy once back to work .
I own a VAC Sigma 160i and I can tell you this Integrated is simply gorgeous. I can imagine that the VAC Sigma 170i will be even more refined. I got an used VAC Sigma 160i from a fellow Audiogoner and I have trouble lighting up my McIntosh C2600+ ARC VT100 Mk2 combo in preference to the VAC. It is simply wonderful to listen to and be forewarned, it is tube rollers paradise. I have some NOS Brimar CV4003’s and Mullards($$) in that amp along with Golden Lion output tubes and boy does it sound gorgeous. You will not be dissapointed...I am playing through a Vandersteen 3A Signature speakers...and the Vandy’s are hardly exotic in the high end world... it is pure magic to my ears.
I own three other Integrads including a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP, Anthem STR, Krell KAV 400xi and while the Primaluna and the Anthem are both highly rated amps(and much lower price point), they do not shine a candle next to the VAC. It's not even close.
lovely unit
transparent extended sound with wonderful imaging and a good deal of slam
expensive, runs tubes fairly hard, well built
kevin hayes is a really good guy
So, if you had a choice,  like I do... the VAC Sigma 170i or Jadis D88s? Speakers are Wilson Sabrinas.  Thx.