Vacuuming after ultrasonic vinyl cleaning

For anyone who is a proponent of vacuuming their vinyl after an ultrasonic cleaning rather than letting it fan dry, since both sides will be wet how do you protect the "down" wet side during the process? My VPI 16.5 has a foam mat, but that will get soaked over time and may transfer dust/ particles to the cleaned wet surface.

Thanks for any advice.......


I do a point-source vacuum clean on a Loricraft machine, then use a Degritter. I let the Degritter dry the record, then put it back on the Loricraft for a distilled water rinse and dry.

The issue with fan drying is static accumulation, plus the residues remaining in the used cleaning water that evaporates is being left on the disk. The second point is more important to me. My method adds a couple of minutes but is the only way I can avoid putting a wet disk onto the Loricraft for a rinse. I could use a second tank of distilled water in the Degritter, but there would still be the issue of static from blown air drying.

i think we choose our path;

----ultrasonic cleaning with blow dry or hang dry.


----friction/scrub cleaning with vacuum.

there are many subsets with each approach, most of which involve one compromise or another including excessive time spent.

my compromise is using the KLAudio KD-CLN-LP200. love it. ultrasonic with blow dry. i spend my time listening.