Vacuuming after ultrasonic vinyl cleaning

For anyone who is a proponent of vacuuming their vinyl after an ultrasonic cleaning rather than letting it fan dry, since both sides will be wet how do you protect the "down" wet side during the process? My VPI 16.5 has a foam mat, but that will get soaked over time and may transfer dust/ particles to the cleaned wet surface.

Thanks for any advice.......


i think we choose our path;

----ultrasonic cleaning with blow dry or hang dry.


----friction/scrub cleaning with vacuum.

there are many subsets with each approach, most of which involve one compromise or another including excessive time spent.

my compromise is using the KLAudio KD-CLN-LP200. love it. ultrasonic with blow dry. i spend my time listening.

I rinse with a repurposed idler drive turntable with a ribbed rubber mat that makes minimal contact with the vinyl.  I then vac with a KAB.  Nothing but the felt lips touch the record surface.  I could not imagine not rinsing with ultrapure water and vacing after ultrasonic cleaning.  The US cleaning fluid has all kinds of dirt and impurities in it that will be left on the record surface without a proper rinse and vac.


 I don’t have a static problem where I live. For most albums I use a US cleaner and let the machine fan dry it. If there is any static buildup I’ll DeStat the album and/or touch album to my grounding post.

For my special albums I’ll do the same as dogbeery is doing, using my VPI 16 to do a final rinse.

ClearAudio make a cleaner that does both, vacuums and US’s it at the same time. Nice unit. It’s kinda expensive.

Joe Nies