Vacuuming after ultrasonic vinyl cleaning

For anyone who is a proponent of vacuuming their vinyl after an ultrasonic cleaning rather than letting it fan dry, since both sides will be wet how do you protect the "down" wet side during the process? My VPI 16.5 has a foam mat, but that will get soaked over time and may transfer dust/ particles to the cleaned wet surface.

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Any of several anti-static devices or strategies actually does work to reduce accumulated static charge on an LP surface. I acquired a meter to measure static charge in order to prove that for myself.  Even the lowly Zerostat works to reduce the charge to negligible (less than 0.2kV), if used properly. So there is no reason or need to choose one's method for cleaning so as to avoid increasing static charge, even assuming that is a real phenomenon (as alleged with respect to vacuum drying). 

@whart Thanks for the input. The VPI is in a room with tile floors and I'm usually barefoot.  The static isn't a huge issue by any means.  Any static that is detected with my highly scientific "forearm hair test" is zapped with the Furutec.  I guess the real question is: Is the small amount of static present after vacuuming going to attract more airborne detritus to the vinyl surface than what would accumulate with the blow dry of the Degritter prior to sleeving? Such worries!!

@antinn Thanks again for all your input, current and past.  I use the Clearaudio ratio exactly as outlined, but have substituted DIW for their cleaning fluid, so hopefully no issue.  I guess this was a more cerebral conundrum than an actual physical problem, trying to fine tune my process as much as possible. Static doesn't really seem to affect my play back, particularly since I started using a Ronxs lighter and tiger cloth. I, too,balk at the idea of using additives to an ultra clean vinyl surface. 

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