Value of a premium Ethernet cable

In my current setup, digital music from a Roon ROCK NUC server travels through an Uptone Audio EtherRegen and a short link of fiber, thence to a long stretch of ordinary contractor-grade Cat 5a cable, and finally to a dCS Bartók streaming DAC.


At substantial effort and expense, I could rearrange things so the final length of Ethernet would be replaced by a single run of something like an Audioquest Vodka Ethernet cable. I'm wondering if anyone has experience of whether this is worth the trouble and expense. Well mostly the expense; the "trouble" is the hobby part of it.


Here are a couple different options from what I’ve read from far wiser posters here. You could replace your current CAT 5 cable with this…

and maybe get some good benefits just from that.  But, and if it’s me and given your system, I’d run a Mesh system to your listening room and run a Vodka or Wireworld Platinum Starlight from that Mesh node to your excellent streamer/DAC. That’s what I’d do FWIW, and best of luck. 

The LinkUp cable @soix mentioned is an excellent cable. I am running a 50FT length from my modem to a switch near my streamer. The 50FT cable eliminated the mesh network. Should you choose to try LinkUp cable, I want you to be aware the 22AWG version is quite stiff, so no sharp bends. Instead, consider LinkUp 26AWG version, which is much from flexible.  

I would look on HifiShark to find some bulk AQ cable. You never know if you'll get lucky unless you try.

I scored a partial roll of Carbon at a great price. It goes from the Verizon box to the router, and then to the streamer.


+2 on the LinkUp cable recommendation. I wouldn’t hesitate to run it from the router to switch, with the short run after the switch using a better cable or even LinkUp into streamer. Should be an improvement over the cheap cable.
Add Purist Audio Design CAT7 to the list as well for the short run into streamer.

I use and like the Network Acoustics Eno streaming system (passive filter and cable). It made a nice improvement in my system. 

Buy with a solid return policy though. If you don’t hear any improvement (unlikely) or don’t like the change in sound, you should be able to return.