Value of Sony XBR Tube TV's

I have two Sony regular TV's that I'm curious about their value. The first is a 1980's vintage Sony 25 inch XBR tv that sits on the pedestal stand with foot pedals and has two of the four flanking speakers.
The other is a 36inch tube tv XBR. They both listed for $2000 plus when new. Any ideas on whether these old sets have much current value is appreciated.
To give you an idea on tube tv's: Goodwill won't take them for free. I just gave away a 36 inch Sony flat screen. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay to have it hauled away.
I could not give away 36 inch top of line Sony XBR tube tv with matching stand. This 200lb+ tv is a beast to move. I had to disassemble the tv into parts to be able to get it out of the house. An electronics salvage company took the tv without a charge but I had to get it to the crib first.
Thanks Guys! off to the dumpster they go as many small pieces as possible : )