Value of Sony XBR Tube TV's

I have two Sony regular TV's that I'm curious about their value. The first is a 1980's vintage Sony 25 inch XBR tv that sits on the pedestal stand with foot pedals and has two of the four flanking speakers.
The other is a 36inch tube tv XBR. They both listed for $2000 plus when new. Any ideas on whether these old sets have much current value is appreciated.
Gooddomino Writes:
Thanks Guys! off to the dumpster they go as many small pieces as possible : )

If you have the time, consider taking it to a recycler. You might have to pay a few bucks, but you'll be assured that the lead and mercury laden components will be safely disposed of, and that they won't affect the local water table.

WA State, for example, is making a big push to keep its landfills free of electronics.
Courant - Checked into it locally in Columbus,Ohio. Recyclers are here but they do charge $1 per inch for TV recycling. That's the route I'll go. Thanks for the insight.
Gave away my 36" XBR in Feb 2013. My 1st floor living room is 10' off the ground. The guy I gave it to used a large front end loader to take it away. It took four guys to bring it into my house we bought it.
Yep.. just as a visual reference, If one were to take a drive through the Rio Las Vegas Hotel's east side parking structure, you will STILL find dozens of abandoned/swapped-out 32" tube televisions, which have been sitting out in the open near the ramp, for anyone to take, for the better part of a year or more now! No one wants them, nor will they take them away!! They are a real eye sore, and I'm surprised the Hotel doesn't just pay to get rid of them actually.
Yes, tech n time keeps marching on...