Valve phono stage

I’m considering switching to valves for my phono stage... can any of you guys recommend any with balanced outs for around $3800?

Current phono stage is Whest PS.30RDT.

I’m currently using a Roksan Xerxes 20Plus with Origin Live Encounter arm & upgraded Lyra Skala.

Or would I reap great rewards from an arm upgrade...?


oholter, you have an advantage on me, because you have owned and aesthetics Io and I have not. However everything I can find on the Internet about it suggests that the phono circuit is balanced, contrary to what you say above. Do you know differently?
i know you wanted balanced but If you don't mind going single ended Tom Tutay can Build you a Tube Phono Preamp for less than your budget.

@o_holter  - thanks. I've decided against the Rhea now...

@steveyork - yeah I saw that, thanks. I'm still deciding what to choose...

@mds  -  I've never heard of him... do you have a link to his site?
@lewm Take a very close look at phono cart signal generators. Doesn’t matter if the cart is MI, MM or MC. They are NOT balanced, they are single-ended with a + and - pole. One strand of wire that runs from the hot side of the connector to the ground side. No neutral.