Van Alstine pre-amplifiers

Recently read a  post regarding Van Alstine tube based pre-amplifiers.

Sounds interesting .  One of the reviewers ( on the AVA website ) suggested the pre-amplifier did not add richness to the tone of the music and suggested the soundstage was not enlarged.  Otherwise a rave review.

Has anyone have personal experience with these tube based pre-amplifers?

My goal is to add tonal richness and improve timbre.  Plan to run into a Leben amplifier.



I've had my AVA FET VALVE CFR PREAMPLIFIER for a few months, but haven't really spent any quality time with it.   Having said that, I will say this:  It is a huge improvement over the Parasound P3 that it has replaced.  

Van Alstine Transcendence RB 10 feeds a FirstWatt F8. No exaggeration of richness, and no defects, no brightness and no muddy bass. Just an excellent and accurate musicality.

I've had an AVA FET Valve CF preamp in my basement system for about 5 years and it's been paired with an AVA 600R hybrid power amp.  It responds well to tube rolling and I currently have 2 Mullard NOS 4024 (12AT7) and 2 Brimar NOS CV4003 (12AU7) that improve nearly all aspects of the SQ including tonality, soundstaging and imaging.  Also it's been absolutely trouble free during this time.