Van Halen, baby

Saw Van Halen in Louisville to open their tour. Wasn't sure what to expect, but thought the show was great. They played a few new songs, but lots of VINTAGE VH. Go seen um
Ah, I fondly remember seeing them on their VHII tour. That was as good as it gets. I am kind of with Tom on wanting to keep the fond memory intact.
The lyrics are simple and juvenile. Really? Did you ever listen to this band? That is what they were/are. An adolescent Friday night party. Now they're suppose to be what? Shelly? Keats? Poe? They're just doing what they always did. What's really changed is you. If you don't like it go play Patricia Barber.
I debated whether go see this tour, but the first concert I ever went to was VH at Madison Square Garden on the 1984 tour. It was a fantastic show, and in the end I decided that's how I'd prefer to remember them. Now it's just a nostalgia act.