Van Halen, baby

Saw Van Halen in Louisville to open their tour. Wasn't sure what to expect, but thought the show was great. They played a few new songs, but lots of VINTAGE VH. Go seen um
03-21-12: Achilles
I just wish tour tickets weren't $170.

You don't expect them to be able to afford geriatric care on $20.00 ticket prices do you? :)
Dave's not a doctor, no. But he did work as an EMT for a while. Imagine, from mega rock star to EMT. Nothing at all against EMTs but he obviously didn't do that for the big money. To see him back with the old band in good form warms my heart. This new album is not bad at all. In fact, Tatoo may be the only misstep on the whole thing. Don't be looking for culture or anything meaningful here. That's never been VH. But if you liked the old sound you'll see what an important piece of that puzzle DLR and his attitude were.