Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?

I grew up in LA dring the 80's and I loved Van Halen. I see VH's first album is being offered on 200 gram vinyl, remastered, etc. But, is it really worth it? I mean Van Halen on heavy vinyl? Isnt the c/d or standard issue enough. Same with Ac/DC reissues and frickin Twister Sister. If anyone of you works for a record manufacturer please urge your employers to reissue decent stuff. Can anyone else suggest a record that does not warrant reissue?
" and fricken Twisted Sister " ..... Call up those records companies and tell em .... Your not gonna take it any moooooore!!! I felt this way with alot of the mobile fidelity choices when vynil was and cd wasn,t ! I know they feel they have to please the masses and the availabilty of the tapes but...yeah I hear you ! Cheers
I have found that all the 'extra heavy' LPs sound worse, not better. But if you are playing 80's heavy metal, it doesn't matter anyway, in my opinion.
Wow, I have the VH on 180 gram vinyl, and it blows away my CD version, and my old vinyl. Richer, fuller, greater impact. I also have the AC/DC Back in Black, and it also sounds stellar, better than my DVD-Audio version.

Other great heavy metal re-issues:

Deep Purple - Machine Head

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Metallica - all of them

Led Zeppelin - Mothership