Van Halen on 200 gram vinyl?

I grew up in LA dring the 80's and I loved Van Halen. I see VH's first album is being offered on 200 gram vinyl, remastered, etc. But, is it really worth it? I mean Van Halen on heavy vinyl? Isnt the c/d or standard issue enough. Same with Ac/DC reissues and frickin Twister Sister. If anyone of you works for a record manufacturer please urge your employers to reissue decent stuff. Can anyone else suggest a record that does not warrant reissue?
Has2be is correct, its the choice of the reissue I dont understand. Twisted sister was lame when it first came out, as if it needs to be reissued.
Don't laugh but they're playing up the 25th anniversary of Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry album. There's also a deluxe 2CD version. The album is actually pretty decent. Don't judge it by the two songs they played on MTV. 80s version of Alice Cooper's Killer.

I wouldn't buy Twisted Sister either, but it seems a little sanctimonious to start pointificating about what deserves a reissue and what doesn't.

You might love Jennifer Warnes, for example - but some audiophiles would prefer listening to an agitated ferret before subjecting themselves to Famous Blue Raincoat.

All you have to do is keep shopping. There are sooooo many vinyl reissues compared to even 5 years ago.