Van Halen or Van Hagar

What's your preference?

Me- Van Hagar.
No dis to Sammy, love him as the Red Rocker but...
Hands down, Van Halen DLR era. My fave????? Actually Fair Warning. Early was great simple entry level rock, super classic. Women started to really expand the creativity and uniqueness. I really think VH pinnacled at FW. Diver Down was just than. End of story for VH as we knew and loved.
I absolutely agree that Fair Warning was the best Van Halen album ever. The new Different Kind of Truth takes me back to the DLR era and that's why I love it. Clearly not their best ever but what a breath of fresh air. That wink, wink with a nod humor is back. "Told you I was coming back. Say you missed me, say it like you mean it". A little decrepit but also surprisingly spry. I'm a kid of the 70's/80's. I love this band. Always will. NOT for audiophiles, but iconic.
I like Sammy Hagar but he did nothing for Van Halen. Sure, they made a little money but Van Halen IS Diamond Dave, and unfortunately for this upcoming tour Michael Anthony. Michael Anthony is the high pitched voice in all the classic VH music, like Jamie's Crying. I saw Diver Down tour and again with Hagar on OU812 and there was no comparison. David Lee loved being the lead singer of Van Halen and he showed it in concert. He put his heart and soul into that band and they took him for granted. I had friends in high school that could play guitar almost as good as Eddie Van Halen, but I never knew anyone who could sing along side of him while leaping off giant stacks of amplifiers.
Side 2 fair warning!...Ted templemens' production on all classic era VH is immaculate