Vandersteen 2CE Signature II: Is it worth the price of $2700? Why are so many for sale?

I have seen several ads on both AG and Ebay for a "variety" of Vandersteen 2CE's  

Question: Is:the "latest version:"of the model worth its  $2700 price tag  considering the evolution of this design over the last 10 to 12 years

Vandersteen's website shares a few paragraphs about the upgrades made; but, has their really been notable or marked improvements in sound quality and overall performance?.

The amount of 2CE's for sale regardless of what version seems unusual,and even cautionary for buyers looking at a used pair ( taking into consideration age and condition)

Lastly, does this model compete with the performance of other speakers in its price range??

  Thank you, S.J.


The 5a are quite formidable 
much better cabinet, crossover, subs and sub amp, 11 bands of analog EQ ( an innovation unmatched to this day to my knowledge by any other designer )
and they went for North of $15 K when finally phased out ( although still available as 5a Carbon at $35 K w filters...
not really a fair fight comparing them to 3a Sig .... imo

( yes I have owned both )

there are several West Coat dealers who carry Magnepan and Vandersteen: San Diego and Tacoma...

To tomic601. 

Actually, I thought there was a speaker in Vandersteen line that was about $7000, but was not  amplified or  had EQ control. Maybe, it was discontinued in favor of making the (big) jump  to the current 5a speaker

BTW, I am aware of those dealer in L.A. County, but the sales tax is a killer at almost 9% now, so I have to shop for used speakers on AG. New is not an option..

Years ago I owned the 2Ce and the 3A (preferred the 2Cs). I found Vandersteens very placement critical. My dealer suggested a Spendor floorstander and they did the trick for me. I have been a fan of Spendors ever since !
Ssunnyjim, if you happen to be in SoCal like LA or Orange County you can come over and listen to my Vandy. 2 CE Sig II as I have them for several years now. I have compared them the some of the $8,000 speakers and the 2CE Sig II still sounds the best for me. It seems like the longer I use them the better they sound but of course positioning the speakers helps a lot and the type of equipment you use with them makes a lot of difference. There are some recording that make it seems like you’re watching a live band but anyway, if you ask me, yes, it’s worth every penny.
I sold my Magnepan 1.7i`s to my son and bought a pair of Vandersteen 2CE  Signature MKII in 2016, My wife and I love much better than the maggies, they work better and sound way better in our room. you should go hear them. Music come to life with them. I now have them with 2WQ subs, a great combo!