Vandersteen 2Ce Signature vs 3A

Can anyone tell me what the major difference is between the 2Ce Signatures and 3A in terms of sound? How about the 3A vs the 3A signature? Are these upgrades significant or not worth the money?
The 3's might be better, but, IMHO the 2's are a beter value

Very much agreed. The 2's are the kind of speaker that you never let go of. Probably the least expensive speaker that I can see myself living with forever. Just saving my pennies to upgrade...
People seem to think a bigger room is appropriate for the 3s. How big of a room would you need for the 3As or 3A sigs?
I owned 3A sigs for quite awhile. When I first received them I was working on a project in Dallas and set them up in the little condo the company rented for me. There was only enough room to set them about 2 foot from the front wall and the couch was probably about 6 feet from the center of each speaker. It wasn't even close to enough room for them.
Once I got home and put them in my normal listening room I found that they sound best when you can sit at least 8 feet from the speaker. Plus they need to be at least 4 feet from the front wall and, of course, you want space behind the listening position. I would think that for them to be at the best that the minimum length of your room should be 16 feet.
The Model 3A Signature uses many superior materials when compared with 2Ce Signature. The 3's midrange driver in particular is quite special in that it uses Vandersteen’s patented elongated magnet with a narrow profile which eliminates the reflection of unwanted back-wave energy from the midrange cone off of the magnet assembly. The 2Ce Signature’s midrange driver has a more conventional magnet structure and doesn’t offer the clarity, resolution or delicacy of the more advanced 3A Signature midrange driver.

The 3’s also offer more bass power, extension, and control than the Model 2 due to a superior 8” driver with a longer throw and more robust magnet system, a superior 10” active acoustic coupler with a longer throw, dual-spider aluminum cone with a cast basket, and a larger enclosure for the two woofers.

Lastly, the 3 has a more advanced crossover with Model 5 level components.

The result is a speaker that sounds noticeably more detailed, open, and transparent especially in the midrange (unlike the description given by a previous poster) than the Model 2. The 3’s also sound even more seamless from top to bottom than the already excellent model 2.

I am a Vandersteen dealer. Hope this helps.