Vandersteen 2Ce Signature vs 3A

Can anyone tell me what the major difference is between the 2Ce Signatures and 3A in terms of sound? How about the 3A vs the 3A signature? Are these upgrades significant or not worth the money?
I measured. The room is 12'X 17'. Is this big enough to accomodate the 3A sigs on the long wall?
"I measured. The room is 12'X 17'. Is this big enough to accomodate the 3A sigs on the long wall"
I didn't use Vandersteen's method of speaker placement for your room. But, simply using the "rule of thirds", which is good for quick calulations, would lead me to beleive that your room is to small for the 3A's. That probably could be overcome by having some type of diffuser behind the listening position and the seating right up against it. But, I don't think that you would be getting the best from the speakers. If you use the Vandersteen method for setup, you need to find a speaker/seating position that is at least 8 feet from the speakers. That would put them very close to the front wall, which also could be overcome with some treatments along the front wall and may need bass traps in the corners.
If it were me, I'd maximize the room for the 2ce sigs that you already own rather than change for the 3A's. I've owned both plus the 5A'a and I think that in the proper setting the 2ce sigs are so close to the 3A's that improving the room and proper positioning will gain you more than switching speakers.
You could try, but that's gonna be a pretty comprimised setup. The Vandies are designed for a minimum seating distance of 8'. Any closer and the drivers don't blend the way that they're supposed to. With 12' of space, you're looking at placing the speakers 2' away from the front wall and you sitting 2' away from the back wall.

I don't know your exact room layout, but placing the vandies along the short wall may be an option. Perhaps placing them about 7' apart and sitting the minimum 8' away? You would probably need to toe in the speakers just a little bit, but Vandies don't seem to have as much trouble being placed close to side walls as some other speakers do.

Either way, in a room that size I would go with the 2CE Sigs, personally. Sure, the 3A's could work, but it just isn't enough space to do them justice, imo.
What other speakers in the $2-3k used market(4-6k new market)might work well in a room this size?