Vandersteen 2CE Vs. Von Schweikert VR-2100

I had previously posted a thread looking for $1000 or under speakers to pair with Sunfire 300x2 amp, Sunfire Theatre Grand II pre, with high qualty interconnects and speaker wire. Great posts, thanks. This is for a smaller room in an apartment and two channel only. Anyone have direct experience with these two? I can get the Vandersteens cheaper (due to pickup vs. shipping) and am unfamiliar with either speaker. I am also considering something from Ohm Walsh but not seeing anything for sale of interest. I listen to mostly jam band (dead, phish, sci, wsp) and alternative/rock stuff. Mostly good to great quality recordings. I need full sound with solid bass, not really cranking it up. Thanks.
I should have addressed this in my first response. It has to do with Roscoeiii's comments above. I have absolutely no idea how anyone could come up with that description. I'm not trying to be rude or find fault but I don't know anyone that knows Vandersteen speakers that would share such an opinion. I personally think that its a rumour that someone started and everyone else just ran with it for some reason. To get them to sound like that you would have a hard time if you tried to do it on purpose. If anything, its just the opposite. Actually, they are transparent and neutral to a fault. Its entirely possible you may find them too revealing and detailed. There's a reason these speakers get paired with Ayre so often (myself included). Ayre is considered to be capable of resolution that very few other brands can come close to. To get the most out of them, the last speaker you would want to use is something that fits the above description.

Again, I'm not looking to offend anyone. Roscoeiii does state that he heard them briefly in less than ideal settings. I have to believe, that is the basis for his response. Otherwise, though, I would encourage a demo before you buy. No matter what I think, you still need to see if you like them yourself. Also, there are detailed setup instructions in the manual. You have to follow them for best results. Its not difficult, but it may take an hour or more to get them positioned properly and the back tilt set.
Thanks for replys.
I love the tinkering with positioning, wiring etc and find my self rearranging rooms to make sound better, so no issue with any of that.
I do not play it loud and that is critical. I need full, great sound at moderate levels. The Sunfire Amp has always pushed what ever speakers i have connected very well at low to medium volume in my opinion.
I have my eyes on a pair of the VSA VR-2100 and a pair of Vandy 2CE Signatures.
Assuming price is the same, anyone's opinions with experience of either of these would be appreciated.
I have a pair of 2Ce Sigs, driven by a McCormack DNA-1 (great match by the way). I would not say that the Vandys are laid back, but I would say that they are musical and certainly not harsh or brittle. I am very sensitive to harsh top ends.

I have learned that there is such a thing as system synergy, and speakers will sound somewhat different depending on associated equipment.

The 2Ce's are great fit for me based on my budget and preferences. They are a great buy for the money. I would definitely evaluate them.

I am sure there are viable options in your price range, but you could definitely do worse....good luck. Enjoy the hunt!
Walstib, I have a pair of 2ci, not the ce sigs so I don't know how the two compare, but, I don't care much for them. They do have great bass, they don't fatigue me and they do some magic tricks but I prefer more detail and pin point imaging, which the 2ci didn't do for me. I do see there appeal, it just wasn't really my cup of tea :-)
I think there are many nice speakers out there for under $1k. I don't have much experience with dynaudio or tekton but they both get great reviews. I just picked myself up a pair of kef qx5's for $1k and so far, I really like them quite a bit :-)
Reading your original post again, I agree that the vandies may not be the best for rock. Drums were very laid back with slightly rolled off highs. Percussions didn't have much impact and cymbals were pretty quiet. I'm comparing them to my paradigm studio's with sounded great with rock music.