Vandersteen 2ci used. Good speaker/bargain?

I've found a pair of Vandy 2ci just a couple hours from where I live. I'm interested in upgrading my speakers (bottom of the line Spica SC-30...a great budget speaker)but I'm on a serious budget. I have an NAD C340 intregrated amp and in a year or so will probably upgrade that as well. What do you folks think of the Vandy 2ci, made around 10 to 12 yrs ago, I believe. I probably can't put speakers any further away from the wall then 18 in to 2 ft. Room is about 14' by 16, with a cathedral ceiling (overall, very oddly shaped). I listen to jazz vocalists primarily--the Dianna Kralls, Stacy Kents--plus light jazz intrumentals. Also about what price should I pay for a pair in very good condition (stands are included). I probably can upgrade to something more expensive (presumably meaning, much better) in about 3 years, but in the meantime, I wonder if these might fill the bill.
if possible(won't cost that much more) try to go to the 2ce's. a much better speaker for only $100 to $200 more. in the long term it will be worth it.
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Owning a pair of these, I would have to say that Viridian might be mistaken, these have a sensitivity of 88db@1 meter, sound pretty good on 35 watts tube per channel. You have not mentioned price of speakers but I am quite pleased with mine.
Very good speaker/ better bargain. I am not familiar with your NAD integrated. Please keep in mind that the Vandersteens drop to 4 Ohms and really benefit from bi-wiring. While the Vandersteens are rather forgiving of electronics make sure your amp is up to the task at hand. Vandersteen recommends a minimum of 40 watts (8 ohm). Your room may be a bit small for the bass these speakers are capable of. I have heard many Vandersteen 2's in many different rooms and IMHO, room and placement are serious considerations for these speakers.
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