Vandersteen 2ci used. Good speaker/bargain?

I've found a pair of Vandy 2ci just a couple hours from where I live. I'm interested in upgrading my speakers (bottom of the line Spica SC-30...a great budget speaker)but I'm on a serious budget. I have an NAD C340 intregrated amp and in a year or so will probably upgrade that as well. What do you folks think of the Vandy 2ci, made around 10 to 12 yrs ago, I believe. I probably can't put speakers any further away from the wall then 18 in to 2 ft. Room is about 14' by 16, with a cathedral ceiling (overall, very oddly shaped). I listen to jazz vocalists primarily--the Dianna Kralls, Stacy Kents--plus light jazz intrumentals. Also about what price should I pay for a pair in very good condition (stands are included). I probably can upgrade to something more expensive (presumably meaning, much better) in about 3 years, but in the meantime, I wonder if these might fill the bill.
Very good speaker/ better bargain. I am not familiar with your NAD integrated. Please keep in mind that the Vandersteens drop to 4 Ohms and really benefit from bi-wiring. While the Vandersteens are rather forgiving of electronics make sure your amp is up to the task at hand. Vandersteen recommends a minimum of 40 watts (8 ohm). Your room may be a bit small for the bass these speakers are capable of. I have heard many Vandersteen 2's in many different rooms and IMHO, room and placement are serious considerations for these speakers.
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Regardless of the specs issue, I owned those speakers for about 10 years and always found them to be musical, non-fatiguing, and they always sounded better as I upgraded my sources and electronics. They are, in my opinion, a steal at the current used price. I used them with ss, hybrid, and tube pres, as well as hybrid and ss amps. I replaced them with 3Asigs; I guess you could say I am a Vandy kind of guy.
I just bought a pair of used Vandersteen 2Ci a couple of weeks ago and I am using the NAD 2100 50 wpc stereo or 300 wpc bridge. The sounds is so musical as if they were meant for each other. The more or longer you listen to the 2Ci, the better it sounds and I might add that I have a small room 12.5'x 13.5' I also have a McIntosh 2100 amp that I will be using once I get it back from the shop. The 2Ci is one of the best loudspeaker for the price.
Viridian is a typical stereophile who tries to justify his total ignorance with obscure technical jargon! Vandersteen knows what they are doing when they spec their own production and I have owned 2Ci speakers since 1990! I have also owned 94.5 db Tannoy, 101db lowther and 85 db Stones(made in Sweden).
With the half a dozen different amps I own and various comparisons in real SPL's:
I would say that the manufactiurer's specs are actually conservative and that sensitivity is at very least 88db regardlless of what stereophile tabloids might publish. It is in their interest and the interests of other advertisers in their publications to diminish what Vanderstien has been able to produce and offer at such a low price!! I use my 2Ci's as a reference regardless of what else I might own. For the price, there is nothing comparable!