Vandersteen 2ci with tube amps

What are your thoughts on tube pre and amp with the Vandersteen 2ci? I can acquire a Audio Research LS2 with a V70 from someone that is near me.

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Have heard them with several tube amps over the years, and always thought they sounded great.  I bet Richard himself would answer that question!

I use Atma tube amps and preamps with my Vandersteen Treo's.

They come very close, soundwise, to my Ayre equipment-Albeit with a little bit more 'looseness' in the bass region.-Which is to be expected with tubes.\

The Atma's also use Zero Feedback, which seems to make the Vandy's shine.

Audio Research is often matched with Vandersteen, though I have no experience with them. 

I suggest going to the Vandersteen forum (go to the website and look for the dropdown). Other members will probably know more about the AR model you are looking at.



I’ve got a pair of 2Ci I use in a second system with a Antique Sound Lab EL-34 based integrated and it’s not a great match.  The 2Ci are a bit on the warm side so a vintage sounding tube amp is not a great match unless you like a very warm sound (I don’t).  I don’t use this system much so no great need to upgrade, but if I did I might try some solid state amps.  Having said that, the V70 would be a good match.  I had a Classic 60 (essentially the same circuit as the V70) and it was a good match, but I didn’t want to have to worry about the cost to replace all the tubes so I sold it. I’ve never heard an Atmasphere amp but I’ve heard lots of good things about them too.

Audio Research with Vandersteen is a classic combination going back 40 years. Use the 8-ohm output tap on the V70 and it should be magical.

Call Richard Vandersteen and he will tell you the same.