Vandersteen 2WQ

Has anyone had any luck blending the Vandersteen 2WQ sub with any speakers other than the Vandersteen models?
The 2WQ is a fantastic sounding sub. It is nice to know that it blends so well with many other brands of speakers. I use to own one when I had my 2CEs. That was the best sub I ever heard.
Originally, I added a pair of 2Wqs to my Vandy 1Cs. When I upgraded to Ohm Walsh 2000s a few years back, they blended every bit as well as the 1Cs. I think Vandersteen is telling the truth: If your mains will go down to 40Hz, and you hook the 2Wq up as per the owner's manual, the blend should be seemless. I plunked mine down in the front corners of room, and I get deep, tuneful, controlled, high-impact bass that is anything but one-note. Last year, I upgraded to the MHP-5 battery biased crossovers, and got further improvements in the sound both above and below the crossover range. I think the 2Wq is one of the best bargains in subwoofers.
My speakers are Coincident Super Eclipse III's and I use a 6 watt SET tube amp. Adding a pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subs was such a major system upgrade, I could not be happier. Previously tried JL Audio and Cain & Cain subs, could not get them dialed to where they did not draw attention to themselves. The Vandy's blended in seamlessly even before tweaking the setup. Also the midrange is more clean and pure with the subs in the system.
Bondmanp , do the mains have to go down to 40hz? What if they do not? Is that a factor as to whether or not the 2wq will blend with certain speakers?
I used a pair with Quad ESL63s. It was the most successful sub with them I ever tried. I'd still be using them, but a change of room, and careful room treatment made them unnecessary. For whatever reason, I didn't have as much luck with them on Martin Logan CLSs... not bad, but found Velodyne ULD-12s worked better with those.