Vandersteen 3sigs vs. Triton Two

I have 3 sigs, and I would to upgrade. How do the Triton 2 compare to the 3 sigs? My goal is to get the clarity and detail of my headphones in my room speakers. I have audio research VM220 amps and a SP6B preamp.
A speaker made in China with a built in amplifier could be a
disaster in the future .
I wouldn't consider the Triton 2 to be an upgrade to the Vandy 3 sig but of course what sounds good to you has a lot to do with your personal taste. If you want more clarity and detail, you might want to start from the preamp. I used to own a SP6B in the late 70's and I miss it very much. It is sweet and very musical sounding but it is not the last word in clarity and detail, especially after so many years, it may degrade somewhat unless its internal components have been properly maintained and refreshed.
Agree with Sidssp that it might be worth looking at the preamp as well. If you have a good dealer nearby who'll let you borrow another preamp to compare that might be worth trying.

That said, I heard the 3a Sigs a while back driven I think by Quicksilver amps. Relative to other speakers and systems I've heard (including my own) sounds especially in the mid/upper treble range were relatively subdued in the mix and came across as obscuring detail in that area. Although I haven't heard them (but very much want to) it seems this may have changed with models like the Treo and Quatro but could be wrong. Anyway, the Vandy's imaging and soundstage were outstanding so you might be a little underwhelmed in that area by a lot of other speakers. I'd try speakers like Joseph Audio and Reference 3A that also image well and may add a bit of detail you may be missing now. There are others but these are just a couple off the top of my head, and I've never heard the Tritons so can't provide any opinion there. Hope this helps and best of luck.
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