Vandersteen 5a Carbons

I wanted to ask if the 5a Carbons are a steep up from the Martian Logan Summit X speakers.
I'm very familiar with both. It's always subjective, however I've often heard the Carbons beat the crap out of the 50k plus speakers when set up properly. They shine vs the competition. There is still competition in this price range and many outstanding choices. The Vandy's are transparent and very very fast in the midst especially. They are seamless in their approach too with a coherency that most panel folks love to hear. They go VERY VERY deep. Most people's rooms can't even handle deep bass properly, but if they can, then this speaker will give it to you in spade AND tunefully. They convey the pace and rhythm that folks talk about. They are musical as long as you feed them that great signal that I'm sure you would.
They are really quite different animals. If you like the electrostat "clarity" and the imaging characteristic of bipolar panels you will probably prefer the Summit X. The Vandies will play louder, go deeper (and better) in the bass and have a better high end; they are almost certainly a better overall speaker.
I spent months positioning my Avalon Eidolons. I invited close friends who had an audio industry aquaintence visiting to a casual dinner. He moved my speakers a few inches out and closer together. The results were simply amazing.

It became clear to me that until one knows what things are supposed to sound like things can be a real crap shoot in this hobby. Its not golden ears its experience. Factor in subjectivity and personal taste and well...

I can now say with confidence that I can hear speakers whose time and phase design is weak. Vandersteen is a standout in this area as well as offering adjustable full range bass performance. I think his dealer network are all trained in setup procedures.

I can't speak to panels other than to say the big Sound Labs and the all Sanders system have impressed me.

Have fun

Very interesting post Ctsonner, Sorry to disagree, the Vandersteen Carbons still sound like someone threw a blanket over the top end. If you like brass instruments to sound lifeless then yes these are the greatest speakers in the world.

Yes Vandys are improving but their basic sound hasn't changed much, big, unfocused images, overblown mid bass, and a shelved top end. Haven't you ever wondered why not a single reviewer uses Vandersteens as their personal reference?

The Vandys are a good speaker but they are hardly the end all, they have a sound and numerous flaws, if you like them great, but I feel your comments are out of kilter to the reality of the product.

Now I am not saying there are bad $50k speakers, that sound like speakers, but Vandys have a lot of trade offs.

Personally I would take a pair of Vivid G2 over any Vandys including the 7's. As per transparency that has never been a word associated with Vandy's musical yes, transparent no.

For $30k there are a lot of other speakers I would consider.

And if you are wondering I have heard them many,many, times as shows and at peoples houses.

So for this gentleman's question I would recommend you go out and hear a pair and also hear the Kef Blades, Vivid loudspeakers, perhaps the Rockports, and see which way your ear leans, you might also want to listen to the Wilsons and Magicos too.
Audiotroy. you know you really want to like them
Let me guess from your response you work at another audio dealer
who can't get vandersteen and you are just defending your turf by throwing
the name under the bus. I laughed Mao
JohnnyR Vandersteen dealer.