Vandersteen 5a. How refined a product are they

Im interested in this speaker and went to hear them at a dealers yesterday and they sounded only adequte. They seemed to disappear quite well for a large speaker and dynamics were incredible. They had the detail for sure, But lacked (dear I say- Magic!) I was wondering if there are any Vandy 5a owners who have been able to make peace with this speaker. It definitely Plays at louder levels without strain and thanks to the built in powered subwoofer, (12 inch bass drivers) I would be able to drive it With my moderately powered tube amps which otherwise would have some difficulty with a speaker with the 5a' s size and capabilities. I would greatly appreciate any info including some of the associated equipment which you 5a owners are using. Thanks
first poster obviously has not heard the 5 or 5a,or at least spent any time with them.sounds like an axe to grind.refer to second poster for objective and more accurate info.
5a is an awesome speaker, hopefully it was the setup. At this price level a home audition is mandatory though.

Didac....calibrate your hearing? That's a new one to me.
Thanks for the feedback. I do think the 5a could have been set up better and they were certainly very resolved w/ deep articulate bass and obviously will be very revealing of assoc. equipt.. I have a VAC 220 sig. Amp (4-kt88 per mono chassis) ,First Sound pres del Mk. 2 linestage, Aestetix Io mk. 2 phono, AA capitole 2 digital, Basis 2500, GRaham 2.2, Koetsu RSP cart, Koetsu standard red Cart. Kubala sosna emotion cabling and a 23L - 12 W- 8 high room. I did hear them at 2002 CES with the Tenor 75 and it was much better than my recent audition and the fact that they can be driven with fairly lower power is great because I would then have so many options for amplification. A home audition with this speaker just isnt happening. Thanks
What a didactical oxymoron. Vandersteen 5as are great speakers, better than the previous 5s and especially so at the price. As I am sure others have, I have listened to great speakers badly setup by dealers (in fact one of them was a Vandersteen 5 in Texas years ago) but that just mean the dealer isn't very good.