Vandersteen 5A- Power Cords

Any Vandersteen 5A owners using audiophile power cords for the subwoofer amps? I know Richard recommends the stock cords.

I was considering the Audioquest NRG-10 cords which I believe will fit in between the heat sinks on the amplifiers.

Any input would be appreciated!


This post regards power cords for electronics (amp, preamp, CD player/DAC), not their use on my Vandersteen 5A Carbons which I've owned for about a year now. As others have said, I am using the stock cords for the speakers, and tend to follow Richard Vandersteen's recommendations for his products.

As far as power cords in general go, I had never had any recognition or knowledge of them, and so had no bias one way or the other before trying them. At dealer recommendation, I first tried them on my amp and preamp (not on CD player/DAC initially). Even my first low priced ones ($300-400 range, Kimber) made a difference that surprised me, actually (I'm trying to use moderate language here) astonished me for cost effectiveness. Then I added a third (a Kimber Ascent) on the CD/DAC and was even more astonished. At the time (and now) I thought it was the best bang-for-the-buck I'd ever done. Then, at dealer recommendation, I upgraded all to Audioquest NRG-1000s at much higher cost. I tender the following tenuously because I did not A/B them and inserted them along with other wire changes, in other words, don't rely on it, but I'm not convinced at this point that this upgrade was commensurate with the cost increase. Maybe I would be if I A/B'd them or added them to the system without any other changes at the time. At any rate, my point is that, having wandered into the power cord landscape with no knowledge and no pre-conceptions, there wasn't any question at all of a big improvement when I started to use them, especially in the area of cost effectiveness. Anyone could have heard it. The Kimber Ascent on the CD player/DAC (Resolution Audio Cantata) in particular was incredibly cost effective, making me think it's a huge bargain. In fact I even wrote the CD player manufacturer, saying if a power cord for a few hundred bucks could double the sonic quality of a six or seven thousand dollar unit, why didn't they incorporate it as OEM since it would add relatively little to the retail price and have a big impact on sonic quality, or at least offer it as an option. Other system components are Theta Dreadnaught I amp (two mono modules), Aesthetix Calypso preamp (not upgraded to Signature), all Audioquest wires (ICs, speaker and power cords).
If one wants to experiment, buy some decent Furtech connectors,even the entry level CU ones will do.
Then take some # 12 romex solid core wires ,remove the un-coated ground wire and the plastic sheath.
Take an electric drill ,insert the black and white wires in the opening of the drill, tighten the wires.At the other end put the wires in a vice.
Start the drill and it will twist the white and black wires so that they look as good as what the big boys do.

Then take a plastic covered wire from the same bundle of romex that you've used and make the ground connection.Twist the ground by hand evenly spaced as possible around the outside of the twisted wires and go in the opposite direction.

Then attach the three wires to the proper recptacles and plug into something using such cords as a test,precaution, but really, it's not hard, just make sure all the connections are snug.

This makes a decent upgrade from a stock molded rubber power cord.

I've found the bass is deeper, tighter, there's less haze. The sound has more focus.

The only pit fall is that you should not try to bend it,it's not flexible!
If you need to go round corners or don't have linear runs from your power outlets to your gear forget about this experiment.

Also if you feel that this may void your insurance or that you won't be able to sleep at night because this isn't UA approved, forget about it.

But also remember that this is the same wire that is running hidden between your walls.

Is anybody losing sleep over that?
Actually after lots of trials I was able to make my own cables for my 5A's. The trick is to get the plugs to fit into the speaker side...between the fins of the amps. I got a Cardas connector (3455 IEC CONNECTOR). I chose these because it is very easy to remove the plastic surround exposing the 3 connectors. Make sure you wire it properly and insert the pins properly to the amp. Make sure also, that you use electrical tape to make the unit electrically safe. I use Neotech cable ...I wanted the diameter to fit the connector on the wall it couldn't be too larg for the wall plug. To these ears, there is a definite improvement and no down side.
Regarding my post above...just remembered I had to sand down a piece of plastic to make it fit..not a big deal...the plastic is soft.