Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??

Anyone out there do the upgrade? If so, is the upgrade very obvious, or a minor improvement? ..or something in between.
I have no feelings one way or the other. I know the newer Vandersteens are head and shoulders above the older models, which are the only ones I have heard. Model 1 through 3A have never impressed me. The Model 5 was pretty good when I heard it at HI-FI 96 in NYC. I look forward to someday hearing the Treos and Quattros.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it........

Shake, if you ever followed my posts, I too didn't love the older Vandy's. I just didn't' get them. I went to Audio Connection and met Johnny. I was there to purchase the Proacs D series and ended up listening (reluctantly) to the Treo's. He had me after that. I was in SHOCK that they could not only sound like real music, but also could image, stage and do all those high end things folks want to hear. They were emotional and that's what I wanted. Do yourself a favor and go listen to the CT series. Pretty amazing speakers for the cost.
I intend to do just that in the future. Right now I am extremely happy with my Grand Veenas and I realize it would cost a lot of money to better them. Money I just don't have at the moment. So maybe I am blissfully ignorant. But I would like to hear the newer Vandys at some point.

You have great speakers and I love hearing that you are happy. It's not about money, it's about being happy and listening to the music you love. I go listen to everything I can, so that I know what's going on. I love to keep up on equipment, but I also lean about new music to listen to. Nothing wrong with blissful ignorance at times.